Sunday, July 10, 2011

The Supernatural Undergound Book Giveaway

I came across an exciting giveaway on a site called the Supernatural
Underground. There are two prizes, consisting of twelve books each. If you like fanstasy, urban fantasy, dark fantasy, or paranormal romance, this is the contest for you. Two of the books among the prizes offered are "Cheat the Grave" and "The Neon Graveyard", both by Vicki Pettersson, one of my favorite authors, who I had the immense pleasure of meeting recently. I will have more to say about her books shortly, in a future blog. To enter the contest, click on the link listed below, and post a comment about where and how you learn about the books that you buy. To maximize your chances of winning, tweet about it, mention it on facebook, and blog about it, making sure, in each case, to post a link to the website. Happy hunting!